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How businesses can leverage managed IT services to expand, protect themselves.
Tuesday, August 10th 2021, 6:00 PM

Mobile Computer Services: 7 ways businesses can leverage managed IT services

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How to leverage managed IT services?

As organizations across the world adopt a hybrid work model in 2021, with people working from offices as well as homes, the IT challenges for businesses have evolved. There are new and added cybersecurity risks and network requirements, accompanied by fewer staff and resources compared to the previous year. The global managed IT services market is estimated to grow 8.1% in the upcoming 5-year period. Mobile Computer Services discusses below how organizations can leverage managed IT services to protect and add value to their businesses.

  1. Cybersecurity

A cyber attack can cripple a business swiftly and send it spiraling into a series of crises and losses. Statistically, 60% of small companies close down within 6 months of a cyber attack. Managed IT services offer companies highly skilled security experts to protect their data, applications, and networks. These specialists stay on top of the latest emerging security threats and can proactively push corrective solutions out to the corporate firewalls under their management. Left to their own devices, most small and medium-sized businesses don’t have the bandwidth or the expertise to protect large-scale data.  


  1. Cost and ROI

A 2013 study by International Data Corporation (IDC) discovered that for every 100 users, a business could save almost $400,000 per year by collaborating with managed IT services. The expertise and the bandwidth of these managed service providers (MSPs) to manage large-scale projects reduces the need for a company to hire a full-time specialized IT member - that can add up to a cost of $100,000. Several such recruitments for the various IT specializations can send the costs out of control.


Additionally, MSPs provide certain ROI benefits that are consistent across all types of businesses:

  1. Streamlines operations: An efficient MSP streamlines operational processes and boosts productivity. They minimize downtime and support efficient workflow processes.
  2. Security and peace of mind: A reliable and strategic IT partner will provide 24x7 network monitoring and support for all daily issues. A detailed security plan must cover all endpoints and offer the business owner peace of mind. 
  3. Scalability: When businesses grow or downsize, the right MSP must be equipped and prepared to modify the IT infrastructure accordingly. A long-term IT partner enables this smooth transition for a business.


  1. Optimization of resources

A business IT team’s job can range from procurement, security, disaster recovery, network infrastructure, to cloud computing. A company’s challenge is to focus on appointing the right people and resources on strategic initiatives that will transform the business. 


MSPs can take care of the daily rigmarole such as technical support updates, maintenance, patches, and monitoring tasks that are time-consuming. Leveraging the MSP to take care of these sluggish maintenance routines while the core IT team works on the big picture and strategic points is one of the ways that businesses can truly become efficient.  


       4. Compliance

Collaborating with the managed IT service that is familiar with federal, state, and PCI (payment card industry) compliances and standards for a particular industry are very important. This greatly diminishes the risk of incurring fines for data breaches or non-compliance.


  1. Data protection and recovery

In case of an outage or a cyberattack, an organization’s ability to revive its critical IT systems is dependent on its contingency plan. Data center facilities backup offered by MSPs often also function as an organization’s failover site in the event of a disaster or disruption in business continuity. Re-creating this support in-house requires a significant capital investment in redundant hardware, network bandwidth, and the physical space to host the equipment. 

6. Strengthen existing IT teams

 Every in-house IT team has its defined skill-sets that are indispensable and undeniable. However, managed IT services enable businesses to acquire the trained professionals for specific skills as per their needs. The experts at a managed IT service can share their knowledge with and train the in-house team. The collaboration between the in-house team and the managed IT service provider can make for a formidable front.


  1. Application of new technology

Businesses and their technological systems must evolve with the times to stay relevant. Innovation is the key to progress. The in-house team may not be able or have the bandwidth to evaluate, support, or deploy new technologies. Managed IT services with their team of experts don’t only apply the latest technologies but also assist the IT personnel to create a long-term strategy for the new technology. 


Why Mobile Computer Services?

Mobile Computer Services is a professional IT services company that works with small and medium-sized businesses in Raleigh NC. The services include:

  1. Managed IT services - 24x7 proactive monitoring and management of the company's IT infrastructure.
  2. Network services: Comprehensive care for the network systems provided by certified technicians.
  3. Business continuity planning: Get the business back on its feet swiftly during and after disasters.
  4. IT consulting: High-caliber advice from professional consultants to help achieve business goals.
  5. Security: Safeguard business from malicious hackers and cyber attacks.
  6. On-demand services: Day or night, the dedicated support staff is always available to assist.
  7. Office move: Professional office relocation and network cabling services.
  8. VoIP: Reduce telecom expenses and improve communications with powerful phone systems.
  9. Email Protection: Protect mail systems from spam and malware.

Contact Mobile Computer Services, Inc. at Raleigh NC today at (919) 830-9448 to find out about its Managed IT services.  

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