The Importance of Keeping Digital Equipment Clean
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Mobile Computer Services: How and when should electronic equipment be cleaned?

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Best Practices for Maintaining Digital Equipment 

Most people are aware of the need to regularly apply software updates and perform virus scans to keep their digital equipment, such as computers, clean. The hardware (and external parts) of the device must be also properly maintained and cleaned regularly. This helps to extend the lifespan of the device and also prevents malfunction. Mobile Computer Services, a managed IT company in Raleigh, explains the benefits of keeping computers and digital devices clean and dust free.

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1. Use padded cases 

It is very common for people to carry their laptops/ tablets wherever they go. Accidental jolts and bumps can damage the internal components of the laptop. Hence it is better to carry the laptop/tablets in a padded computer bag. Laptops must be shut down before they are put in the bag/sleeve, as a device that is left on can get overheated in a closed, tight space. 

Mobile phones and tablets should be protected with screen guards and proactive cases. These accessories help to keep them scratch-free. Also, electronic gadgets should not be left near high heat sources such as kitchen stoves or heaters.

2. Organize cords

Power cords supply power to gadgets and hence are very important for the functioning of the gadget. Power cords should be neatly and loosely wrapped in a circle or the shape of the number eight while carrying them around. Winding the cords too tight can damage the wires inside them.

When the power cord is plugged into the device, it should be ensured that the cord is not placed along the common aisle/ path where people walk. A person tripping over the cord can topple the whole device onto the floor, causing irreversible damage. Cable clips are a good way to keep the cords organized. These can be clipped to desks, walls, or even floors and can hold a bunch of cables together. Colour coding and labeling of wires also help to avoid “cable spaghetti”. 

3. Dust regularly

The outer parts of a computer should be regularly wiped with a microfiber cloth to remove dust. Also, it is best that eating and drinking are not done next to the computer. Coffee/ water being spilled on the keyboard is a very common cause of the malfunctioning of the machine. If something was spilled on the device, position it so that the liquid runs off, wipe it gently with a soft cloth and then leave it to dry. In case of a major spillage, the device should be taken to a repair shop. In any case, the device’s external case should not be opened by the user to dry the internal components. Opening the case can void the warranty of the machine. 

It is always a good idea to get a thorough cleaning done once a year at an authorized service center. 

4. UV Sanitization

UV sanitizers help to reduce germs on mobile phones and other gadgets. These sanitizers use Ultra Violet rays to destroy germs and have become quite popular since the pandemic. 

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