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Mobile Computer Services: Best Practices for Working From Home
Thursday, August 18th 2022, 4:00 AM

Frequently faced problems and their possible solutions of working from home in a nutshell.

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Best practices for the work-from-home culture

The pandemic has brought tremendous changes in the work culture of Americans with the vast majority of employers and employees now opting for a hybrid work model. As more and more employees start working from home, businesses need to establish policies and security protocols to streamline the process. Although work-from-home seems to be a great option for employees, it also comes with the extra hassles of time management, data security, and connectivity issues. Mobile Computer Services, a managed IT company in Raleigh, shares some best practices for working from home. 

1. Connect over a VPN 

VPN provides a protected network connection while using public networks. All data, which goes via the VPN, is in encrypted form and hence is much safer from being stolen or tracked. Companies must require employees to connect over a VPN. This way, employees can protect their online data just as it were in the company’s private network.

 2. Use Cloud Services to store and manage applications and data

Companies can migrate their business applications to the cloud to achieve cost reduction by eliminating the need to purchase IT infrastructure upfront. In addition, it helps in better scalability and aids in remote working. Employees should also be encouraged to store their data in the cloud rather than storing it locally on their devices. This minimizes the risks of data loss in the event of device damage and helps in easier data collaboration and sharing. Few of the popular cloud service providers are:

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Microsoft Azure
  •  Google Cloud 

3. Promote BYOD policies

Businesses must outline a BYOD (bring your device) policy as more and more employees start to work remotely using their own devices. The BYOD policy must clearly state the following:

  • The types of permitted devices
  •  Any software that the company considers a threat must not be installed on the device
  • Timely audits of the device
  • Timely software updates
  •  Scheduled virus scans
  •  How to manage company data during employee exit.

4. Maintain Email security

Emails are often used to hack into users’ devices and steal confidential data. Phishing attacks can manipulate users to reveal their personal information such as passwords. An IT support company can be engaged to support email security.

5. Train Employees on best practices

Employees should be periodically trained about the best practices as well as email and data protection. Regular communication from the IT support team should advise them about the recent cyber-attacks.

6. Have a work-from-home policy in place

A work-from-home policy encompassing all the above points should be created.  It must also contain eligibility and approval criteria for working from home. Additionally, the policy should also include any information about additional allowances, and insurances provided by the company for remote employees.

Why Mobile Computer Services?

Mobile Computer Services can help to streamline the ‘hybrid’ working model and keep the business going. A managed IT services company in Raleigh, Mobile Computer Services provides solutions for remote desktop as well as customer support at the user’s location. They also provide data as well as email security services.

To know more about managed IT services offered by Mobile Computer Services, Inc. Raleigh, call (919) 830-9448 today.

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