The Importance of Mobile Device Lifecycle Management
Tuesday, July 26th 2022, 12:00 PM

Mobile Computer Services: What is the benefit of mobile device lifecycle management?

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Benefits of Device Lifecycle Management

With the hybrid and remote work models prevalent today, IT teams are finding it hard to manage device lifecycles. The new trend has put a humongous strain on in-house IT teams that find themselves immersed in reactive device maintenance and support services, while their ability to focus on strategic priorities is diluted. Mobile Computer Services, a managed IT company in Raleigh, explains the benefits of device lifecycle management for a business. 

1. Better visibility

With device lifecycle management, businesses can keep track of every mobile device across the organization. Businesses can ensure that the devices are properly provisioned, audited, and in prime working condition. 

2 Enhance end-user productivity

A malfunctioning device directly impacts the productivity of an employee. When a business keeps track of the devices and ensures they are patched in time and updated regularly, work will flow smoothly and the organization will prosper. 

3. Simplification

The mobile device management system makes all these processes such as procurement, allocation, logistics, security, insurance, and e-waste management simple by bringing them all under one system. It becomes easier to track and manage the devices at different stages of their lifecycle. The complexities of recovery, renewal, and disposition are removed for good.

4. Enable security

When all the processes are under one system, it becomes easier to deploy security and compliance policies in tandem with industry-leading strategies that complement different work environments. This allows the data to remain secure no matter where the device is.

5. Smart budgeting

With adequate information and data available, it becomes easier to predict hardware purchase and warehousing costs. This in turn allows the business to streamline the accounting and cost planning. Moreover, since the IT team knows the real-time status of every mobile device, procurement planning and budgeting become simple and effective.

6. Seamless onboarding experience 

An effective device management system assures timely delivery of the right device, with the right configurations, irrespective of the employee’s location. A seamless onboarding experience for new hires is important to keep the productivity levels high from day one. 

7. Sustainable

Since the mobile device management system knows the status of every device, it becomes easier to regulate new purchases, reuse old devices, and recycle e-waste. This in turn reduces an organization’s contribution to chip shortages as well as supply chain shocks, making it more environment friendly.

Mobile device management is a time-consuming task and therefore it makes sense to outsource this task to a managed IT service provider so the core IT team can focus on important IT strategies. 

Why Mobile Computer Services?

Mobile Computer Services offers a comprehensive array of solutions that take away IT headaches. A managed IT services company in Raleigh, Mobile Computer Services works with local businesses, overseeing their entire IT infrastructure and operations - from daily IT tasks to long-term strategic technology decisions. 

It provides businesses with an assigned, dedicated team of certified engineers who don’t provide the business with just technology but also manage that technology. 

Learn more about managed IT services offered by Mobile Computer Services, Inc. at Raleigh. Call now at (919) 830-9448.

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