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Mobile Computer Services Discusses Dark Web Scanning
Thursday, May 19th 2022, 11:00 PM

The benefits of dark web scanning

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Why should small businesses employ dark web scanning?

There is a part of the internet that poses immense danger to organizations, vendors, and customers. Scanning this area of the net may sometimes be necessary to analyze the gaps and security breaches in an organization and remedy them effectively. Mobile Computer Services, a managed IT company in Raleigh NC, discusses dark web scanning and its benefits in this article below. 

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What is the dark web? 

The dark web is a part of the internet composed of websites and services that are intentionally hidden from the average user. A vortex of illegal activities, the dark web cannot be regulated by laws that govern the public internet. On the dark web marketplace, different types of data fetch various prices depending on the information’s sensitivity and potential applications. 

The users on the Dark Web have hidden IP addresses, giving them anonymous protection. It becomes difficult or even impossible to track down threat actors who take advantage of the business or sensitive data. Not only does this stolen data damage a business’ reputation and customer loyalty but also leads to huge revenue losses.

To access these areas, specialty software needs to be used by professionals since conventional internet browsers like Chrome or Safari just don’t work. 

Researchers recently concluded an 18-month audit of underground marketplaces and determined that there are more than 15 billion stolen usernames and passwords in circulation on the dark web. That’s roughly equivalent to two sets of account logins for every person on the planet and a 300 percent increase since a 2018 audit.

What is dark web scanning? 

A dark web scan scours lists of data, also known as data dumps, on the dark web to identify data that may have been stolen from an organization without their knowledge. The right tool in the hands of professionals helps scan multiple websites and marketplaces to identify any company information that was leaked into the dark web. Once the tool detects the information, an alert is issued. Dark web scanning helps identify the vulnerabilities in an IT system and offers opportunities to reevaluate and strengthen the cybersecurity infrastructure. 

What is dark web monitoring? 

Dark web monitoring is an add-on service to dark web scanning, wherein AI parses through data dumps constantly. It immediately notifies the organization of a potential breach to prompt immediate action.

The Benefits of Dark Web Scanning

1. Protect credentials 

Dark web monitoring ensures that a company's data hasn’t been compromised. Any sensitive information of employees or clients on the dark web can be traced by a dark web scan and prevent criminals from exploiting this stolen information. This can help organizations mitigate damages to their finances and reputation.  

2. Ongoing Protection

A Dark Web scanning service not only allows a one-time solution but also allows ongoing protection to prevent the theft of data in the first place. The constant monitoring of the dark web by a professional team leads to the emergence of stronger protocols and amendments to the existing cybersecurity to prevent future security breaches.

3. Comprehensive Reports

Dark Web scanning helps create comprehensive reports describing any data breaches and the mitigation steps. This report also will include any information that they detected from private sites that require a specific member from the Dark Web community to enter. These reports help to tighten the processes and defenses to prevent future security incidents.

4. Prepare for future threats

The dark web scanning helps organizations identify and understand the past breaches and theft of data. This information can help understand which systems were compromised and which vulnerabilities were manipulated by attackers. This will lead to a robust action plan that will help prevent future attacks from occurring. 

5. Reduce the time between a data breach and damage control

24/7 monitoring of the dark web enables organizations to stay alert to any data breaches and shorten the window during which sensitive information can be used. The security team can take swift action to control the misuse of data and prevent massive losses for the organization. 

80% of breaches begin with stolen credentials. Therefore, real-time dark web monitoring is a much-needed armor for small businesses. By investing in advanced cybersecurity services from a trusted professional, small businesses can gain an upper hand when it comes to their cybersecurity.

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Why Mobile Computer Services?

Mobile Computer Services offers a comprehensive array of solutions that take away IT headaches. A managed IT services company in Raleigh, Mobile Computer Services works with local businesses, overseeing their entire IT infrastructure and operations - from daily IT tasks to long-term strategic technology decisions. 

It provides businesses with an assigned, dedicated team of certified engineers who don’t provide the business with just technology but also manage that technology. 

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