8 Benefits of Cloud Computing for Medium and Emerging Enterprises
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Mobile Computer Services: 8 benefits of cloud computing explained

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8 Cloud computing benefits

Most of the population today is using cloud computing services without even realizing it. Gmail, Google Drive, TurboTax, and even Facebook and Instagram are cloud-based applications used worldwide. Over the last two decades, cloud computing has enhanced business efficiencies, cost benefits, and competitive advantages across industries. Despite the data and the benefits, a large number of businesses are still operating without this service. Mobile Computer Services, a managed IT company, shares the benefits of cloud computing for medium and emerging enterprises today. 

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  • The International Data Group shows that 69% of businesses are already using cloud technology in one capacity or another, and 18% plan to implement cloud-computing solutions at some point. 
  • Data from Dell shows that companies that invest in big data, cloud, mobility, and security enjoy up to 53% faster revenue growth than their competitors. 
  • Since the pandemic crisis, the cloud computing market has been on a rapid upward trajectory when it comes to cloud adoption, infrastructure, spending, and development.
  • 92 percent of organizations already have a multi-cloud strategy.


What is cloud computing?

Simply defined, cloud computing is all about using the internet to connect to online services hosted on the cloud - the cloud being a physical network of servers. It allows users to access all of the features and files of the system without having to keep the bulk of that system on their computers. This service is invaluable for businesses that need to be able to access large amounts of data over a secure, online network connection.

1. Accessibility

This technological innovation has made remote work, business travel, and task completion productive and efficient. Cloud computing enables employees to access all documents, images, spreadsheets, and communications from anywhere, anytime.  

2. Scalability 

Businesses sometimes go through dramatic fluctuations, especially SMBs. From scaling headcounts and production to customers and services, businesses find themselves struggling to handle their growing data. With the cloud, organizations can scale up or down their data capacity according to their current and potential needs.

3. Reduce On-Site Infrastructure Investment

New servers, routers, data centers, switches, and other CapEx expenditures can prove challenging for SMBs that often have strict cash flows. This upfront expenditure can be offloaded to a cloud company to better meet the current and growing needs of the business.  

4. Backup and Disaster Recovery

No business can survive without a solid disaster recovery strategy in this digital age. With the cloud, SMBs receive a seamless off-site backup solution with infinite infrastructure. Organizations of all sizes must protect their data in private or hybrid cloud deployment to survive any data breaches and disasters.

5. Agility and Flexibility

Cloud-based SMBs have an advantage over their competitors. Since most cloud providers work on a subscription OpEx expenditure model, SMBs do not need to plan years’ worth of infrastructure investment with little or no data. With the support of cloud services, SMBs have the agility and flexibility to adapt and meet the needs of their clients immediately. Whether businesses grow or decline, the cloud adapts to the business requirements.

6. Automatic Updates

Software and security updates, maintenance of servers, and various other tasks are needed to maintain on-site infrastructure. With the infrastructure off-site, the cloud for SMBs grants the IT leadership team the freedom to focus on the strategic tasks that are crucial for the growth of a business.

7. Efficiency

With the cloud, time-consuming tasks such as work and process optimization and IT maintenance and monitoring are removed from the task list of the IT teams, leaving them free to focus on other logistics. Teams can share and update concurrently, saving time and reducing energy consumption. Efficiency is one of the biggest advantages of hiring a cloud computing company for SMBs.

8. Security

Cloud providers are statistically known to have stronger security controls than most companies. Public cloud providers offer cloud services to all sorts of organizations, including those that likely have high-security requirements such as the Department of Defense (DoD) and Boeing. SMBs can access the same level of secure cloud computing services without the requisite investment and be assured of the safety of their data.


Why Mobile Computer Services?

Mobile Computer Services is a managed IT services company in Raleigh NC that offers an array of services to small and medium-sized organizations.

  1. Proactive monitoring: The team offers round-the-clock monitoring services to its clients to prevent any breaches and detect any issues on time. 
  2. Network services: The certified technicians at Mobile Computer Services offer comprehensive service for the network systems.
  3. Business continuity planning: The team creates a business continuity plan for SMBs to help them recover swiftly during and after disasters.
  4. IT consulting: Professional consultants can understand and align their efforts with the SMB's business goals. 
  5. Security: As cyberattacks wreak havoc on businesses, the team at Mobile Computer Services safeguards businesses from malicious hackers and cyber attacks with their top-notch security protocol.
  6. Relocation: The team offers professional office moving and network cabling services for a seamless experience.
  7. VoIP: The company can reduce telecom expenses and improve communications with powerful phone systems.

To know more about managed IT services offered by Mobile Computer Services, Inc. in Raleigh, NC, call now at (919) 830-9448.  

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