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The Elements That A Cybersecurity Training Program For Employees Must Include
Tuesday, February 8th 2022, 12:35 PM

Mobile Computer Services: What Is An Effective Cybersecurity Training Program?

RALEIGH, United States - February 8, 2022 / Mobile Computer Services, Inc. (Raleigh) /

What are the elements of an effective cybersecurity training program for employees?

Cybercriminals have been consistently capitalizing on the vulnerabilities in remote and hybrid working environments of companies of all sizes. An IBM study that researched thousands of their customers in over 130 countries revealed that human error significantly contributed to 95 percent of all breaches. Recognizing this predominant cause of the error and taking requisite steps to prevent its occurrence is imperative towards protecting an organization. Mobile Computer Services, a managed IT services company at Raleigh, explains below the elements that constitute a robust cybersecurity training program for employees.

1. Ongoing cybersecurity education

Cyber literacy of employees is a worthwhile investment for any organization. High awareness about cybersecurity among employees and the ways to overcome them can offer a strong line of defense to organizations. This training also makes employees more aware of the importance of their job, motivating them to perform better and remain on board in the long term. By integrating new and relevant knowledge and insights into the training programs that are conducted consistently, organizations can reduce human error substantially. 

2. Applied knowledge

Theory is useless without practice. A hands-on approach that goes over and above mere educational knowledge is more effective as a defense against cyber attacks. Applying the theory to practice with procedural learning and highly relevant, contextual, and immediate feedback helps change habits and eliminate errors instantly. 

3. Identify high-risk groups

Identify high-risk employee personas by running simulations multiple times a year. These are groups of employees who are at greater risk than others of falling prey to cybercrimes. By identifying this weak link, organizations can then leverage a precise formula and algorithm to measure risk effectively. A highly targeted intervention for each of these high-risk personas can not only help prevent cyberattacks but also offer important insights to the organization.

4. Predictive analytics

With analytics, organizations can identify and actively monitor high-risk personas to better understand which groups or individuals are more likely to represent threats before their emergence. This enables the organization to take timely action to prevent these events altogether.

Machine learning advancements can help leverage data to generate predictive analytics to optimize employees’ learning experiences. Profound and contextual delivery of cybersecurity awareness programs can help improve performance.

5. Real-time feedback

Real-time feedback is an effective way to help employees understand the missteps, internalize and remember the risky scenarios, and why and how to stay on top of cybersecurity endeavors and avoid human error. This feedback shows employees the security gap that exists between them and the organization and why this awareness training is indispensable. 

6. Cultural transformation

Organizations can drive a cultural change by handling employee attitudes and beliefs around cybersecurity. Offering in-depth cybersecurity awareness training can eliminate negligence and co-opting that often lead to human error. 

Reinforcing the training with digestible bites of information via newsletters and other forms of internal communications can constantly drive the employee awareness mission. This task of creating awareness can be seamlessly integrated into the daily routines of employees. 

7. Scientific training platforms

Adopting a scientific training platform that includes learning expertise, data science, and automation can optimize the learning experience of employees. This method enables a long-term, optimal, one-stop solution to employee awareness training. Some of the features of such platforms are analyzing employee statistics to improve performance, delivering continuous learning, and optimizing contextual delivery. 

A managed IT services company such as Mobile Computer Services can assist organizations in creating and updating a robust cybersecurity training program and deliver it effectively for optimum results.

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